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Meet Mason and Madelyn, fraternal twins from Bowling Green, Kentucky.  They were age one in their cover photo but now they will soon be three this month.  They were born at 31 weeks and spent five weeks in the NICU, but they are now happy & healthy.  They attend preschool together two days a week and keep their parents very busy!  They do fight over toys, but love each other very much.  They always look out for one another and make sure the other has what they need. For example, when mom gives Madelyn a sippy cup and she doesn't see one for Mason, she will say "Where's bubby's?  He needs a sippy too!".  Mason loves to play with cars and trucks, and Madelyn loves to play with baby dolls and pretend to be a little mommy. They also love to play outside and with their big brother Carson. Proud mom Lindsey is so thankful for these sweet blessings!

Cover Photography by Rachel Morrison from Smiths Grove, Kentucky.